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The way to achieve more energy and self-direction, for you and your team.

Having healthy, vital employees who are passionate about their work. An ambition of many companies, especially now sustainable employability is such an important topic. But how do you achieve that? How do you create energy within your team and how do you let it flow? And, above all: how do you ensure that people take control in this?

Klaas Koster − the first vitalogist in the Netherlands – answers these questions in this book. Using a well-thought-out method, current psychological insights and inspiring examples, he demonstrates how you can achieve sustainable behavioural change within your organisation.



· gain insight into the different energy sources of the vitality wheel;

· feel like taking steps towards a more energetic life;

· be more enthusiastic and experience more happiness at work;

· inspire your team to become intrinsically motivated to get started with vitality.


The result: higher productivity, a healthier lifestyle, a more positive mindset, better collaboration with colleagues and a more meaningful life. For you and your team!



Language: English